1. For any technical questions, order problems, or suggestions, please contact us via email at We will reply to your questions within 24 hours.

    2. You can also visit our website at for more information.

    Please hold the power button at the back of the camera for more than 5 seconds until you hear a notification sound. If the camera is still not powered on, please charge the camera to make sure there is sufficient battery.

    1. Make sure the camera is powered on.

    2. Find the reset pin in the packing box, insert it into the reset hole, press and hold the reset button for five seconds until you hear the "Reset complete, will restart the device” prompt sound from the camera, indicating that the reset is successful.

    When adding a camera for the first time, make sure the camera is turned on and the LED indicator light is flashing blue slowly, you will hear a voice prompt "Please use the app to configure Wi-Fi". If you don't see the indicator light flashing blue slowly and hear the voice prompt, please reset the camera, and try again. Please pay attention:

    1. Make sure the Wi-Fi name and password you input are correct.

    2. The camera only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and does not support 5GHz Wi-Fi. Please Do not use 5GHz Wi-Fi to configure the network.

    3. When adding a camera, make sure the network is smooth. It is recommended to operate it close to the router.

    4. If you failed to add the camera by scanning QR code, try to use the AP mode (connecting to the Wi-Fi hotspot sent by the camera, Wi-Fi name starts with “@MC-xxxxxxx”, returning to the app’s homepage, you will be able to see the live view of the connected device.

    5. Reminder: if your Wi-Fi password contains special characters such as \ '., it may affect the device pairing.

    6. If it still does not work, please contact us for help.

    1. Please check if you have changed any settings on your router. If yes, you will need to reset the camera and set it up again.

    2. Move the camera closer to the router to get a better signal.

    3. Try to restart your camera and your router.

    4. Set up the camera with a new Wi-Fi if possible (2.4GHz only).

    You can use AP mode to add the camera and watch live view in the "Intranet" environment. In this case, you can't watch remotely.

    Please go to camera “System settings” - “Alarm Settings” to see if the “PIR” function is enabled. And check if “Human presence detection” is enabled. When “Human presence detection” is enabled, the camera will only record when there is human body in front of the camera to reduce false alarms.

    The camera can only be bound to one account at a time, other accounts can only view camera through “Device Sharing”. If you need to add your camera in another account, please remove the device under your original account in “system settings” or wait for the device to be online and reset the device before adding it.

    The circle means that the video is loading, and the freeze delay means that the network is not smooth. Please check whether the network connection between the camera and the mobile phone is smooth. It is recommended to keep the camera close to the Wi-Fi router.

    There is no limit for share users. But only 4 users can view the same camera at the same time.